House Transformation: Quarantine Edition

Everyone aspires to live in a house of their dreams, a house that consists of a prudent and wholesome environment with its beautiful and extravagant interiors. Interior Design has one of the fundamentals of having a good residential design. It enhances the interior of the building to attain a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing space.  Did you know that you can achieve all of that in this time of quarantine? Here are some tips to make your house interior look stunning without spending any amount of money. Let’s do a Residential Makeover.

  1. Keep away unnecessary things.

Most of us are very sentimental people. We love to commemorate joyful memories. We always collect memorabilia in every unforgettable event we attend. After collecting, we always exhibit them in the display cabinets located at our respective living rooms. Meanwhile, most households also love to hang graduation photos and diplomas on their walls. These customs are the first thing to avoid if you want to achieve an appealing interior. I don’t think that we need to see our diplomas and graduation photos hanged and memorabilia displayed every day because in today’s modern world, it gives us another way to celebrate these cherished memories by posting it in our social media accounts. But if you don’t agree, don’t hang them all. One or 2 picture frames will do and make sure to hang a wall art the right way, and better start now. Clean your walls in the living room and make it look simply magnificent.

  1. Exhibit what is necessary.

The most important element of the dining area is of course, the dining table. We always see dining tables covered. Just when we talked awhile back about keeping away things that are necessary, in this tip, we are going to talk about what is needed to be exposed in your interiors. If you have a table made from high quality wood or glass, do not cover them with cloth. Imagine buying something with great and expensive class of material and just hiding it. Display it because it’s worth showing off. However, if your reason is to protect your furniture from scratches with covers, make sure to pick the fit color scheme to improve your dining experience. Each color of the elements (chair, table clothing, pillows) should blend to each other.

  1. Create spaces to breathe.

Now with the kitchen area where ingredients and dining utensils are kept and where we do all the cooking. It can be considered as the hottest point of our house. Every kitchen looks so congested with all these materials and food ingredients. It’s simply hard to breathe when you’re in that kind of kitchen. Everyone wants to have a clean and organized kitchen, and the first step to do that is to erase the “put down” habit. When there is an available space to put things down, on top of the refrigerator for example, or on top of a cabinet, we will put things down. This habit is one of the few reasons that can destroy your elegant interior designs. For the ingredients, keep the secondary ones inside a cabinet, not on top. Organize your utensils in a way that it will look good and orderly. The 5s principle can be applied to achieve a nice and harmless kitchen. Sort the ingredients and kitchen materials. Set your supplies in order, as they say, there is a place for everything and everything should be in its proper place. The third S is Shine, let your kitchen be shiny by cleaning it regularly. No one would ever want a dirty kitchen so make sure that it’s neat and tidy. Now, after making all these three, it’s now time to standardize your workplace, develop procedures and practice in your kitchen. Lastly, sustaining this new habit will help your kitchen look less congested and will create spaces to breathe.

  1. Set a connection with nature.

Nature is a friend. Having plants in your interior has many good effects. According to studies, indoor plants can boost your mood, productivity, and creativity. It also helps to reduce stress, fatigue, sore throats and colds. It can also clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen. Indoor plants consume carbon dioxide and maintain oxygen circulating, clean the environment by eliminating contaminants, mitigating disease, decreasing stress, providing a comfortable, friendly atmosphere and, eventually, improving focus, raising interest, enhanced imagination, increased efficiency and enriching overall well-being. Oh girl, believe me. Indoor plants have so many benefits. So, what are you waiting for? Make your home clean and green!

  1. Designate a productive spot.

In the “work from home” time of our lives because of what has been happening in the world, find your perfect spot at your house that will help you be productive. According to color psychology, yellow fosters creativity (for artists) while a blue green room helps increase productivity. A research by the American Psychological Association showed that productivity of workers improved by 15 percent when plants are present in the workplace compared to the lack of greenery. Meanwhile, according to a CareerBuilder survey, 25 percent of employees have complained that the workplace temperature is high, and 23 percent of employees have complained that they are too cold to like it. Work by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory showed that people who work in natural lighting remain 15% longer than those who work solely in artificial lighting. So, find that greenly, cold, and natural lighted spot on your house and own it, because it’s your new office.

This quarantine grants us a lot of time to plan, create and be innovative. I hope this house transformation tips helped you experience a beautiful and extravagant interior. I hope when time comes, when you get to build your own dream house, you would still consider these tips. Everything is possible. Work hard. Never stop until you achieve your dreams. You can do it!

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