Places Reimagined: Glamour and Lights of The Intramuros Night


The Philippines is a country of beautiful destinations. Being an archipelago with approximately 7,641 islands, it’s no wonder that the country has so much to offer to its tourists from around the world. In this blog series called “Places Reimagined”, we will travel. No, not the destinations that come along with the name of the Philippines like Boracay, Bohol and Palawan; instead, we will wander the places which might be on the bottom part of your travel list around the country.

In this series, we will redefine our perspectives as we give a new look to the places that are equally beautiful and historical, giving the people a taste of the country’s extraordinarily rich culture, just like what they did to the alluring walled city: The Intramuros.
Intramuros is located originally along the shores of Manila Bay, a city built during the time when the Spanish Empire colonized the Philippine territory. The city had to go through Spanish Colonial Era, American, Japanese and the Contemporary Period to be what it is right now. After building and rebuilding, the architectural style never failed to give a distinct atmosphere to the place, portraying the historical events of the place.

Recently, the Intramuros has been on trend because of its fresh transformation from a silent night to a glamorous, rustic evening. Just like any other tourist spots in the vicinity, everyone could enjoy the walled city at daytime. Before its alterations, there were many activities that one could sign up for on the inside. You could visit museums and have a quick recap of our history in the time of the Philippine National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. You could go and see different churches, or just merely enjoy the whole place of Intramuros by taking Instagram-worthy photos. The darkness of the night kissing the big walls surrounding it would be the last scenery that one can witness as the place was only available to the public until dusk.


Today, Intramuros is alive during day and night. Strolling around the walled city after sunset is now made possible. What could be more romantic than to receive a date at Intramuros during its bright and magical nighttime? This transformation didn’t need to renovate the whole Intramuros area; rather, it just highlighted the beauty and uniqueness that the place already had. The new look appealingly illuminates the old Manila profile with the same Spanish ambiance. In contrast to its name, the Walled City now permits everyone to create historically beautiful memories. Now the question is: who will you bring to the newly dressed Intramuros?

Squirrel friends, what do you think of this reimagined Intramuros? Do you recommend other changes that would possibly make the place even more fabulous? What place would you like to be featured here at Places Reimagined? Let us know. Join us again next time as we discuss transformed places; or, transform them. New look and brighter perspective await here in Places Reimagined.

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