Katy Perry’s Fifth Studio Album is Smile

What’s Up Katy Cats!

If there’s someone who could put a big smile on our faces today, its Katy Perry! The long wait for #KP5 is finally over as Katy releases her fifth studio album cover, title and other details.

“When I get my smile back… it’s over for you hoes,” it all started with this tweet from the queen herself. After reading this, Katy fans all over the world were gagged and started thinking of what the title could be for #KP5. With all speculations, fans say that this tweet could be a hint and made SMILE IS COMING on Twitter’s worldwide trend. On the next day, Katy never disappointed as she announced the album title, cover and the release of the title track on her twitter account.


According to the American singer-songwriter, the title track ‘Smile’ was written when she was coming through one of the darkest periods of her life and had lost her smile. The whole album is her journey towards the light – with stories of resiliency, hope and love. On her interview in 95-106 Capital FM radio station, Katy explained everything about the album and confirmed that she already shot the music video of her latest single.

“I think what it says in the lyrics kind of everything the album embodies which is like hopefulness, resilience, joy, love, and that the whole journey and so that’s why it’s the record is called Smile because it’s simple as the fact that I had lost my smile and couldn’t get it back you know and I got it back obviously.” Perry said on the interview.


“You can tell so much about a person when they smile, or they don’t smile, or they force to smile or they’re not smiling with their teeth or if its fake. It’s like, you can just, I don’t know, if you read a person but my radar its just like you can see it all in a smile and you can see that sometimes people are really hurting because they barely crack a smile or they’re not smiling on their teeth or I don’t know its just simple emotional physical signal that speaks volumes and so it really is the definition of the journey that I  had to go through.” She added. The album consists of 12 tracks and 4 of them are already released namely, Smile, Daisies, Never Really Over and Harleys in Hawaii. Since its release, Smile has been topping charts in America and United Kingdom. In the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart, Smile is currently at the number 12 spot while Daisies is at top 125. Do you want more? Just wait a little bit longer, the whole album will be out on August 14. But for now, just hit the “Pre-Order” button.

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